About Us

"My name is Leonard Lee. My 25+ years of experience as an IT professional served as inspiration behind the rjclip. In breaking my fair share of network cables, I became increasingly frustrated as there was no simple quick fix for this prevalent issue. The rjclip came to me as an idea years ago, and over the years I refined it into the product you see here today."

Bit64 Solutions Ltd. is located in Elora, Ontario, Canada and the owner of the rjclip.

We manufacture the rjclip product in Canada and sell it globally. The rjclip is a socially responsible product that fixes the long standing issue of broken rj45 connector latches. Standard Ethernet cable use RJ45 connector that is made with different classifications: CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6, CAT7, and CAT8. Ethernet network cables are made as patch cables and can be as long as 100 meters, that span between buildings and used pervasively in the majority of buildings. The latch on a RJ45 connector is frequently broken in daily use situations, such as in hotels, schools, and offices. The rjclip is a patented product that replaces the venerable latch and ensure that the network cable can securely latch into an Ethernet jack. Moreover the rjclip is unbreakable in normal usage and will last the lifetime of the network cable.