Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you ship to my country?

We ship to all countries in the world (International shipping).

How long will it take for my order to get here?

Most orders arrive within two weeks after being shipped out. If three weeks have passed since your order was shipped out, please email us and we will send you another order, free of charge.

Is there an additional fee for a tracking number?

Yes. Inquiries about adding a tracking number to your order can be made at info@rjclip.com.

Does the rjclip work with shielded jacks?

Yes, the rjclip is fully functional with shielded RJ45 connectors.

Does the cost include shipping?

Shipping costs are added when you check out. They are not included in the listed price.

Do you have any suppliers?

We currently do not have any suppliers in any country.  Interested suppliers are invited to contact us at info@rjclip.com with the subject line “rjclip Supplier”.

Is the rjclip available in red if we place a custom order?

We currently offer the rjclip in black, blue, silver, and yellow. At this time, we are unable to take orders for custom colours. If you would like to be informed when this becomes available, please let us know at info@rjclip.com or in the comment box at the right.

I cannot hear the click. What should I do?

Please refer to the diagram in the pamphlet included in your order to ensure you have all the information to properly connect your fixed RJ45 connector. If you still cannot hear the click please contact rjclip at info@rjclip.com or call us at 647-638-1881

Is this website still active?

Yes, we are still very much active and selling.


If you have further questions, comments, concerns and/or feedback, please submit them through the form at the right.