• A Sayal customer sent us this comment on the rjclip
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    Leonard Lee
A Sayal customer sent us this comment on the rjclip

Name: Joe S. (Canadian customer)


Just wanted to say thank you for your awesome product. I've been dealing with a crappy 8P8C connector with a broken tab for nearly a decade now, and it falls out the back of my PC every time I move it. I figured the only way to fix it would be to just cut the cable and either solder or crimp a new one on, which sounded like a lot of work, so I never bothered.

Then today I saw your product featured at Sayal Electronics in Vaughan. They have a little framed photo of your product which told me to go looking for it on the shelves. I bought a couple, and not only did they work perfectly on my nasty old "wadded in electrical tape" ethernet cable, they even make a nice satisfying click when you plug them in, and it doesn't look like they're sliding around or budging. And they're made in Canada, in my home city, that's so cool!

 So now I'm telling all my friends and internet groups on Facebook and Reddit about this product, cause I suffered for years with this problem not even knowing a solution existed, and you not only made a fix, you made it quality too. So

thank you.

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    Leonard Lee

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